Hội Từ Thiện Giáo xứ Tân Quy

Charitable Organization was established by Priest Francis Xavier Le Van Thai in Mar-2000, the purpose of this organization is helping the poor, elders, patients. He chose Martin Saint (03-Nov) to be the feast of Organization.
                General manager: Mr Dominic Nguyen Van Khanh
                Deputy General manager: Mr John the Baptist Nguyen Manh Hung
                And 25 members
     The family of Mr Khanh (Ut Khanh), Mr Kinh (Tu Kinh), Mr Khanh (Hai Khanh), Mr Minh (Ut Minh), Mr Hung (Chin Thuy) go campaigning charitable work. The family of Mr Tran Van Dieu (Thanh Loc company), Mrs Tran Thi Hue (Nhon Nghia construction materials store), the family of Mr Hai Paul (selling bran), the family of Mrs Hai Suong ……who often support the Organization.
    They collect money every month and support about 45 families every month. They give money, rice sometimes much sometimes less, it doesn’t fix. Every family is given about 70,000VND per month.
    It’s the few external communication, most of them in the Parish. There’re three volunteer members at the first time, and two volunteer members after that, this lasts until now. Charitable Organization was invited by Archbishop's Palace to attend training of Caritas committee.
    Last two years, Archbishop's Palace was invited them to train propaganda, call for help AIDS patients about mental and physical happy to live.
    There’re two training each year, two day per training session in Archbishop's Palace, towards April and November. They subscribe every month. Caritas committee came to Tan Quy to help five poor students, give them money to pay school fee. Mr Khanh and Mr Hung attend the meeting at Archbishop's Palace, sometime Mr Hung was replaced by Mr Thien. The Priest forms Golden book to record benefactor’s names.
    Having a lot of difficulties at the first time but now everything’s more smoothly. They work silently, currently they’re recognized Charitable Organization by the State since 2009 and cooperate with others countries.
    In 2005, they were supported by Cai Nhum Congregation of the Holy Cross Lovers 3,000,000VND every quarter in three years. Priest Thai called much help overseas (they sent direct to him). All collection would be hold by him, He would spend in month.
    Some changes on Priest Gabriel Trinh Cong Chanh period, how much collected are how much supported the poor. He doesn’t hold.
    He holds on the party on anniversary of Organization, related party and invites members – benefactors on feast of Martin Saint (03-Nov).

Translator: Maria-Chi Tho

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