Hội Đồng Giáo Xứ Tân Quy

Around the years 1858 – 1860, they had volunteers appear regularly to help the West Priests in parish works, help parishioners in hours of prayer as well as say grace for people who passed away because there’s no local rector this time. This work was assigned to specific person, but they had un-clear leadership due to the difficulties of situation. Until 1880s, Parish Council was established. This committee consisted of 12 members including a general, a deputy general, there are five levels to strive:

                   - First: “Bien Dong Nhi” who supervised the children
                   - Second: “Bien ho” who supervised Catholicity
                   - Third: “Bien” who was duty on general activities of the council
                   - Forth: “Trum” who was Parish Council’s President
                   - Fifth: “Cau” who was Parish Council’s secretary

Incumbent List:
          Mr Peter Nguyen Van Tam (President)
          Mr Joseph Nguyen Van Nam (Vice President)
          Mr John the Baptist Nguyen Manh Hung
          Mr Thomas Nguyen Van Ngot
          Mr Thomas Nguyen Van Bau
          Mr Dominic Nguyen Van Khanh
          Mr Martin Nguyen Huu Luong
          Mr Martin Ho Van Khen
          Mr Paul Ho Minh Thien
          Mr Francis Xavier Nguyen Hong Phuc
          Mr Andre Nguyen Van Linh
          Mr Joseph Pham Ngoc Tuan
          Mr Paul Huynh Thanh Danh
          Mr John the Baptist Le Van Don
          Mr Joseph Doan Van Thuong       

Pastoral activities:
     They are duty on celebrating mass according to liturgical seasons of the year (Advent Season, Christmas Season, Lenten Season, Easter Season, Ordinary Time), Mass in Tet Holiday and The Feast of parish.
    They celebrate Catholicity mass, serve patients, serve bedridden patients, say grace every month at Catholicity statue.
    They have a meeting with the rector to adopt the program for next month in every fist of month.

Translator: Maria - Chi Tho

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