Hội Thánh Tâm

In order to encourage parishioner’s ethical life, Sacred Heart Organization was established by Priest Peter Tran Van Thi since 1952. At the first time, they are handled by Parish Council:

             Mr Peter Nguyen Van Dao
             Mr Francis Xavier Le Van Ninh
             Mr Dominic Ho Van Van
             Mr Paul Nguyen Van Lai

     At this time, Sacred Heart Organization run highly, All the Catholic families in diocese was invited to attend, ethical life was supported abundantly. Charitable activities, patient visits, marriage disentangles, funeral prays were derived from this, It helped people live close solidarity together. During Priest periods, organization activities still maintain, sometime silently due to unfavorable time, but devotion to the Sacred Heart always occupies an important position in every catholic family at Tan Quy Parish

             Currently executive committee:
                      Mr Michael Le Van Canh- Presiden
                      Mr Thomas Le Quan Minh-Vice President

             First branch: Mr Thomas Nguyen Van Nam
                               Mr Thomas Nguyen Van Ngot
                               Mr Dominic Nguyen Van Khanh
                               Mr Thomas Nguyen Van Thong
                               Mr Giao

             Second branch: Mrs Theresa Huynh Thi Nhu
                               Mrs Nguyen Thi Ha
                               Mrs Maria Nguyen Thi Thanh
                               Mrs Theresa Nguyen Thi Dang

             Third branch: Mrs Nguyen Thi Trong
                               Mrs Do Thi Be
                               Mrs Maria Tran Thi Vang
                               Mr John the Baptist Nguyen Manh Hung

Translator: Maria-Chi Tho

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