Monday 30/06/14 14:57 PM - Mariagoretty Thanh Nguyên

Sharing with the Church’s joy in celebrating solemnly Saint Peter and Paul, on June 29th 2014, Tan Quy Parish celebrates solemnly the great favor of 15 years for priest of the Parish Priest, Father Gabriel and 7 years for priest of the Assistant Father Dominic. This is a great favor the Christ has granted affectionately to Tan Quy Parish for herding His flock.

In the second mass, the community offers their good blessings to the Christ; the catechists and assistants together with children send their congratulations to the two fathers:

hồng ân thánh hiến

hồng ân thánh hiến

hồng ân thánh hiến

Firstly is our heart to heart with Father Gabriel

“Rice is ripe in the field but there is not enough harvester. Ask the field owner to send harvester”- 15 year time is a process of sacrifice and consecration of Father Gabriel – our dearest Parish Priest from the day Father was consecrated as priest. Father has begun his journey in the immense field of Christ and He has sent you to us, to the small church of this Tan Quy Parish; this is a great favor the Christ granted to us.

Especially today is 9 year commemorating day you come to the parish; recently you have given many things, help us feel the real love of Christ, create condition so that we have many catechism knowledge and become more alike to the Christ. We would like to send our deepest thanks to you.

  hồng ân thánh hiến  hồng ân thánh hiến

Next is our heart to heart with Father Dominic – our dearest Assistant Father.

“I am a good Herdsman; I know my sheep and my sheep know me”. You are like this herdsman who always be beside us, follow us silently in the step to the Heaven Kingdom, in finding the Christ’s truth. We are not afraid of difficulties in teaching us to understand the Christ’s word, to deserve more and more to be the Christ image. In 7 year time of consecration as priest, you please so much the Christ.

hồng ân thánh hiến

We pray the Christ to always fill the two Fathers with great favor of wisdom and strength so as to bring the lost sheep to the Christ, to make the religious society be more and more expanded as the Christ’s will. Finally we send you our sincere congratulations and thanks in the commemorating occasion of 15 years of priest consecration, 9 years of Tan Quy Parish guidance of Father Gabriel and 7 years of priest consecration of Assistant Father Dominic. We thank sincerely two Fathers to all.

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