Pig And Hen

Thursday 04/09/14 15:46 PM - Lm. Jack McArdle ss cc

Let me tell a story about a pig and a hen. It's one way of describing the Church that I grew up in and the church of now, because it is so vastly different. Jesus died to bring people across a bridge from a love of law into a law of love. Two thousand years later the Church had gone back over the bridge again into that love of law. And John XXIII, God love him, got on his knees and he said, 'Lord, would you ever give us another of them Pentecosts, because we blew that last one.' Now I believe that we are now living in the Acts of the Apostles of that second Pentecost. And the Church that I grew up in originally was a large homegenous sort of Church in which everybody did everything. No great deal! I defined such a Church one time as like the soccer cup final in Wembley where you had a hundred thousand people badly in need of a bit of exercise sitting down very comfortably critising twenty-two poor devils badly in need of a rest. But nowadays we are tying to get people down off the stands. You are the Church and the idea of vocation today in the Church is certainly way beyond a vocation to be a priest or a religious.

The story is of a chicken and a pig out for a walk. You'll notice the pig is not too bright, he tends to repeat.

The chicken says: 'You, know those people in that house down there?' 'Yeh, I do,' says the pig. 'They're very, very good people,' says the chicken. 'They are indeed,' says the pig. 'I must admit, they are. They're very good.' 'They're very good to us.' 'They are, yes, they are indeed.' Again you'll notice he's not too original. 'You know what I was thinking?' says the chicken. 'What were you thinking?' 'I was thinking we should do something for them.' 'A very good idea.' says the pig, 'I think we should do something for them. What did you have in mind?' 'I was thinking that we should give them something.' 'Good, good, that's a good idea,' says the pig, 'I think we should give them something. What did you have in mind?' 'I was thinking,' says the chicken, 'We should give them bacon and eggs.' And at that the pig stopped in his track and he said, 'No way! For you, that's only a little inconvenience but for me it's a total commitment.'

Now in simple English, when I was a kid, the little inconvenience was O.K., but anything other than the total commitment today won't do. The men of violence and the men of the world are very committed and we cannot claim to be part of the solution if we're almost still part of the problem.

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