Giving while living

Tuesday 20/10/15 13:21 PM - Lm. Jack McArdle ss cc

hãy cho khi còn sống

A cow was having a chat with a pig which was very depressed and the cow was concerned in a sort of a matronly way, and wanted to know what’s wrong? The pig said that he was a failure. ‘What do you mean?’ ‘Ah, nobody likes me. They haven’t a good word to say about me. Even when they insult each other they can’t do that without bringing me into it. I heard a mother the other day saying that her son’s bedroom was like a pigsty, and some-body was eating like a pig. They can’t insult each other without bringing me into it. Now, when they speak about you they wouldn’t use words like that.’ And the cow said, ‘Yeh, but don’t you realise the reason for that?’ ‘No,’ said the pig. ‘Well’ the cow said, ‘I give them milk and cheese and butter and …’ And the pig said, ‘What about me? I give them bacon and rashers and ham and pork and sausages and …’ The cow said, ‘Yes, but there’s a big difference in the giving. I give it to them while I’m still alive. In your case they have to kill you to get anything out of you.’

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