Live and die together

Wednesday 21/10/15 13:43 PM - Lm. Jack McArdle ss cc

Jesus came to let us join our living and our dying to his.

cùng sống cùng chết

There is an Indian legend about a tribe from the great lakes. They had a long-standing tradition of sacrificing one of their maidens each year to the great god of the waters, whom they deeply feared. The practice was to draw lots among the most beautiful maidens and the one selected was put into the river above Niagara Falls and ordered to go over the Falls as a human sacrifice. The chief of the tribe was a good man who loved his family, and you can imagine his fellings one year when his own daughter drew the lot. He could not violate the custom of his tribe. When the fateful day came, the chief could not be found to preside over the ceremony. Some of the tribesmen began to murmur against him, saying that he could no longer be trusted to fulfil his responsibilities as chief. Finally, as the day’s end drew near, they realised they would have to go ahead with the ceremony without the chief or the tradition would be broken. So they put the chief’s beautiful daughter into the canoe and pushed it out into the river. As they did so, they saw another canoe coming onto the river out of the bushes where it had been concealed. In the gathering twilight they recognised the person in the other canoe as their chief, the girl’s father. Suddenly both canoes were caught in a swift current at the centre of the river and they went over the Falls together.

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