Living And Existing

Thursday 26/06/14 13:43 PM - Lm. Jack McArdle ss cc

On one of the San Francisco streets there is a funeral parlour with some beige curtains covering the windows. In front of the curtains there is a sign which reads, ‘Why walk around half dead when we can bury you for ninety eight bucks?’

There’s a better way to ask the question, and everyone of the biblical writers, each in his own way, asked the very same question, ‘Why do you walk around half dead when there is a way of replenishing your strength?’ You see there is a great difference between living and existing. Everybody dies but not everybody lives. Some people just exist and, when they die, you have to get in a doctor to certify they are dead because you can’t notice any difference – there was never much life there anyhow!

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