The cemetery

Tuesday 13/10/15 13:11 PM - Lm. Jack McArdle ss cc

nghĩa địa

There was a little girl walking through a cemetery with her Dad and she was looking around. They were taking a short-cut through the cemetery and eventually she pointed to the tombstones and graves and said, ‘Daddy, what are those?’ and he said, ‘Well, these were people who lived in those houses down there, one time, and then Holy God sent for them to come off and live in his house with all his angels.’ And, as you parents know, when you answer one question you’re going to be asked another one. So the eyes looked puzzled for a moment and she said, ‘Daddy, did they go off to live in Holy God’s house with all his angels?’ ‘Yes,’ he said. I could almost imagine him with fingers crossed, hoping that he’d get away with it. And then suddenly the eyes lit up and she beamed from car to car, because children have a remarkable gift of seeing the obvious at times. ‘I bet when they went off to live in Holy God’s house, this is where they left their clothes.’

She’s right. On the morning of the Resurrection, the angel said to the women, ‘If you are looking for Jesus he is not here, but come in and I will show you where he left his clothes.’

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