Three Elergymen

Friday 12/12/14 11:26 AM - Lm. Jack McArdle ss cc

There is the story about three elergymen: a Jewish Rabbi, a Protestant minister and a Roman Catholic priest. They were fishing together. They rowed to the middle of a small lake and cast their lines. Soon they ran out of bait. The rabbi volunteered to go for more. Calmly he stepped off the boat and walked across the water to the shore. When he returned in the same manner, it was discovered that they trio’s canteens were empty. Immediately the minister collected them and. Like the rabbi, walked across the water to the shore and filled them up and returned. Later when the men grew hungry, they realized they had forgotten a lunch basket, whereupon the priest quickly rose, stepped off the boat and immediately plunged to the bottom of the lake. When he had surfaced, he heard the rabbi say to the minister, ‘I suppose we really should have told him where the stones are.’

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