An Message

Thursday 15/01/15 11:25 AM - Lm. Jack McArdle ss cc

Franz Kafka wrote the parable called, An Imperial Message. In it he asks you, the reader, to imagine that the emperor of your country is dying. He has an earth-shaking message to leave before he dies and he decides to send it to you only. He sends a messenger who immediately encounters formidable obstacles on the way. Enormous crowds of people are obstructing his journey. The messenger struggles mightily but is unable even to break out of the central rooms of the emperor’s palace. If only he could get out of these rooms. Even so, if and when he does, there will still be the stairs to manoeuvre, the palace courts to cross. Still another palace to pass through, then more stairs and more courts. In a thousand years, no one could make his away more courts. In a thousand years, no one could make his way through that maze of confusion. Meanwhile you are sitting at your window each evening waiting and dreaming dreams about the messenger’s coming. ‘That,’ says Kafka, ‘is our lot, to sit and wait and dream about a messenger who never arrives.’

I use that story because for us Christians, the messenger has come. The messenger has broken through. After thousands of years, the messenger, Jesus Christ, is at your window at this very moment with a life and death message to deliver.

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