God gave abundantly

Friday 09/01/15 13:43 PM - Lm. Jack McArdle ss cc

Sometimes we pray for something and we don’t get it, and sometimes we set limits to what God can do for us. Sometimes we encounter that God of surprises who does so much more than we ever hoped for.

A farmer one time ordered a dozen chickens from his poultry dealer. ‘I’ll be away all day,’ he advised the merchant, ‘so just leave them on my front porch.’ When he returned home that evening, the farmer found only an empty crate, with a faulty latch, on his porch. Immediately the man set out in a frantic search of the countryside. Next morning, he called the dealer to complain. ‘Look here,’ he said, ‘because of your negligence, I spent half the night looking for those lost chickens. It took me four hours to find all twelve.’ The dealer replied, ‘twelve! You’ve done well my friend. I thought you ordered half a dozen. There were only six chickens in that crate that I left!’

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