Hard To Believe

Friday 12/12/14 11:14 AM - Lm. Jack McArdle ss cc

I’m often amused at the gospel story about Dives the rich man. When Dives was in hell, he wanted God to let him go back and tell his brother that he’d better change his ways. And according to the story, the reply was, ‘If they didn’t believe the prophets, they certainly are not going to believe someone who came back from the dead.’ Later on, Jesus himself would come back and people wouldn’t believe him either.

There was a patient in a psychiatric hospital in Boston. He was convinced that he was dead. That was his fixation. He was convinced that he was a corpse. The doctors tried to reason with him. Finally, they succeeded in obtaining his agreement to the proposition that corpses do not bleed, and he agreed to allow the doctors to conduct a little test based on that proposition. The doctors proceeded with the test by pricking the man’s finger causing the blood to come. The patient looked at his finger for a moment and then said, ‘Well, what do you know, so corpses do bleed!’

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