The Cave And The Sun

Monday 23/06/14 13:39 PM - Lm. Jack McArdle ss cc

There was this dark cave down in the ground, down under the earth. Obviously it had nerver seen light, and therefore wouldn’t know what light was.

And one day, the sun invited it to come up and visit. When the cave came up to visit the sun it was amazed and delighted, because the cave had never seen light before. Naturally, the cave felt obligated and invited the sun to come down to visit it sometime, because the sun had never seen darkness.

So the day came and the sun came down and was ushered into the cave and, as the sun came into the cave, it looked around and, rather puzzled, said, “Where is the darkness ?” because there wasn’t any there.

Once you open your heart to God and invite his light to come into your darkness, the Lord himself, who called himself the Light of the World, will look around and say, “Where’s the darkness ?”

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