I Love Christ

Tuesday 05/08/14 11:32 AM - Lm. Jack McArdle ss cc

The Bell of Amerhst is a play in which the British actress, Julie Harris, played the role of the poet Emily Dickinson. In the first act the audience is made aware of Emily's religious problem. She came from a rigorous, rigid, puritan home in which her father was lord. Compulsory church attendance, compulsory daily prayer exercises etc. Then the spirit of rebellion came into the life of this very sensitive woman. She began to question some of the teachings and the customs she had grown up with. Yet she remained a deeply religious woman. Her poetry reveals a keen awareness of God's presence in the world and a deep consciousness of the great mystery of life and death. Emily Dickinson wrestled with doubts and fears about God and religion, as we all do from time to time. But there comes a point in the play where she says, 'I'm sure that no person will be truly happy until that person can say, 'I love Christ.'

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