Half Hot Or Cold

Friday 25/07/14 14:08 PM - Lm. Jack McArdle ss cc

Revelations 12 says, 'I wish you were either hot or cold. Because you are neither I will vomit you out of my mouth,' which is one way of saying, 'You make me sick!'

One time there was a group of people at a prayer meeting. There was a fancy dress parade, or a fancy dress ball somewhere in the area and this guy was travelling along and he was dressed as Satan. But, very appropriately, the heavens opened. It rained, it bucketed down and he was walking, so he ran into the nearest doorway. I happened to be a church hall where there was a prayer meeting, and once Satan appeared there was a crurry and a scramble for the exits in all directions. And one little old lady's coat caught in the seat, and, as Satan approached her, she really panicked and she said, 'Satan! I know, I know I went to Mass every morning for the last fifty years, but all the time really, all the time I was on your side!'

It could be true!

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