Two boss

Wednesday 07/01/15 14:03 PM - Lm. Jack McArdle ss cc

God invites me and that’s all he does. Satan bullies me ask the alcoholic, ask the compulsive gambler, ask the kleptomaniac.

There was a guy one time who was working for a slave-driver who treated him like dirt, who would burden him with guilt and scolding and discouragement. One day a man came in to work in the place and saw him and thought he was worth more than that. So he asked him to come and work for him. This new man gave him responsibility, gave him respect, and gave him many, many opportunities for encouraging and affirming and confirming others.

One day his former employer comes in and he begins to rant and rave and scold and give out and find fault and bully. Now what do you think he’ll do? He’ll go to the door, open the door and tell this guy, ‘Listen, I owe you nothing anymore, get out at once.’

That’s what Jesus says, ‘I give you full authority over all the power of the evil one.’

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